Compliance And Regulatory

This is a specialized area with our dedicated partner and staff, working in conjunction with international
professional links where necessary. Advice is provided on the funding of projects in liaison with Chartered
Accountants, Banks, Government authorities and other relevant professionals. We examine, investigate,
research on, undertake due diligence and report on any project requiring thorough professional and
balanced analysis including.

  • Company restructures, mergers and acquisitions including sale of shares
  • Sale of business and share swopping
  • Management buy outs
  • Commercialisation and privatization re-structures
  • Examining legal regimes in force and applying legal requirements to speci?c projects.
  • Studying and analyzing and rendering advice on all types of projects whether legal or quasi legal or social
    or business.
  • Studying analyzing projects in the light of existing statutes, general laws and regulations
  • Suggesting and drafting amendments and any other changes to legislation
  • Providing legal opinions on a case by case basis

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